SCAA Policies

The SCAA’s policies are in place to ensure that we serve our community efficiently, effectively, and in a manner that abides by CSUEB’s Academic Dishonesty Policy.  Our policies include, but are not limited to:

Expectations for All Students:

  • Student Preparation
    • Bring materials from class (syllabus, textbooks, notes, assignment description, etc.)
    • Identify your problems or questions. Be able to explain how you want the SCAA tutor to help you
    • Have a particular goal or objective for each session
  • Communication
    • Check your email and telephone messages regularly for updates from SCAA
    • Update the SCAA if your contact information (phone, e-mail) changes
    • Communicate with the SCAA if you know you’re going to miss an appointment
  • Active Engagement
    • Participate actively and respectfully
    • Be focused; avoid distractions (please, no cell phone use or texting)
    • Tutors will not help with take home exams nor edit, proofread, or do your homework for you
  • Accountability
    • Be on time
    • Log in at the student computer at the reception desk at the start of each session and log out at the end of every session. You’ll be given the opportunity to provide feedback on your session

All Programs:

  1. Homework and Final Exam Policies:  To abide by CSUEB’s Academic Dishonesty Policies, SCAA tutors cannot directly work on student homework or “[prepare] a written answer to an exam question outside of class” (1.1.5).
  2. Non-Coursework Material:  SCAA Tutors, Graduate Writing Associates (GWAs) and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders can only work with students on writing assignments and problems associated with a specific course. To participate in sessions associated with course embedded programs, such as the GWA Program or the SI Program, you must be a part of a course with a GWA or an SI Leader.  The SCAA does not provide assistance for external exams (GMAT, LSAT, etc.) or non-coursework writing such as resumes, scholarship applications, etc.
  3. Assistance with the Writing Skills Test (WST):  SCAA Tutors, Graduate Writing Associates (GWAs) and Supplemental Instruction (SI Leaders) cannot provide tutoring or SI sessions on the Writing Skills Test (WST).  The SCAA provides WST assistance through in-person workshops, the online WST workshop and our WST Boot Camp.
  4. Student Loss of SCAA Usage:  The SCAA reserves the right to reschedule appointments.  Students may be denied use of SCAA’s programming if the student acts in an inappropriate fashion that makes SCAA employees feel uncomfortable.

Peer Tutoring:

  1. First Come, First Serve Drop-Ins: SCAA’s drop-in tutoring services are operated on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Due to the volume of visits at the SCAA, you may not “reserve” a drop-in time slot.  You may write your name on our drop-in list beginning at 9:45 AM on the day that you are seeking tutoring services.
  2. Cancellation of an Appointment Session:  If you need to cancel an appointment (standing or one-time), you will need to contact the SCAA no later than 9 AM on the day of your appointment.  You are permitted only one cancellation during the quarter.  If you cancel twice, you will be dropped from your appointment for the quarter.
  3. No Shows for Appointments:  If you fail to show up for an appointment (standing or one-time) without notifying the SCAA, you will be dropped from your appointment for the quarter.
  4. Dropped Appointments:  If you are dropped from your appointment (standing or one-time), you may still use our drop-in tutoring system.  Additionally, you can request that the SCAA Director review your dropped appointment.  No case will be reviewed without proper documentation.
  5. Late Arrivals:  Tutors will wait for you up to 15 minutes, after which they may take another student.  You will be marked as a no-show.
  6. Number of Appointments:  You may receive one hour of writing appointment time and one hour of math tutoring time per week.
  7. Maximum Daily Hours of Tutoring:  You may receive only one hour of writing tutoring (drop-ins or appointments) and one hour of math tutoring (drop-ins or appointments) per day.  We limit tutoring hours per day to make sure that our students can work independently.

Writing Skills Test (WST) Boot Camp:

  1. Qualifications: The WST Boot Camp is a targeted program for undergraduate seniors at CSUEB who have not completed the University Writing Skills Requirement (UWSR).  Graduate students may not participate.