For Students (Handouts)

SCAA Tutors, WAs, and SI Leaders create handouts on an annual basis on topics they believe best serve student needs. Please feel free to download and use our handouts in your own tutoring practices and classrooms.

Math & Statistics

Math – Algebra:

Algebra of Lines by Lawrence Shang

Algebra Rules and Solving Quadratic Equations by Asees Kaur

Domain of a Function by Jie Hu

Horizontal and Vertical Asymptotes by Sabrina Voelker

Standard Vertex Form by Matthias Fisseha

Transformation of Functions by Matthias Fisseha

Math – Calculus:

Basic Differentiation and Integration Rules by Matthias Fisseha and Rishita Kar

Chain Rule by Matthias Fisseha

Integration by Parts by Richa Taluja

L’Hospital’s Rule by Lawrence Shang

Limits to Infinity by Isaac Viegas

Maxima and Minima by Asees Kaur

Partial Fractions by Leo Perez

Rates Of Change and Derivatives by Rishita Kar

Testing Series for Convergence by Ariel Li

Volumes of Solids of Revolution by Rishita Kar

Math – Word Problems & Applied Math:

Compound Interest by Leo Perez

Optimization Problems by Rishita Kar

Word Problems by Tomee Luu and Richa Taluja

Math – Trigonometry & Geometry:

Basic Geometry by Ariel Li

Basic Trigonometry – Soh-Cah-Toa by Angel Fuentes

Conic Sections by Alex Penaflor

Shape of Features of Sin(x) by Jie Hu

Trig Transformations by Daniel Perez

Unit Circle by Alex Penaflor

Math – Advanced Math

Matrices and Matrix Operations by Marija Stanojcic

Permutation and Combination by Sunny Lin

Statistics – Probability and Hypothesis Testing:

Basic Probability by Ariel Li

Common Probability Distributions by Xuerui Zhang and An-Chi Lo

Hypothesis Testing: When To Use Which Test? by Gitanjali Shukla

Mean, Median, Mode, Variance & Standard Deviation by Marija Stanojcic

Properties of Probability by Flora Li

T-Tests by Marija Stanojcic

Statistical Tests for Population Mean (Z-Test and T-Test) by Marija Stanojcic

Statistics – Useful Formulas and Tables:

Chi-Square Table – this handout was not created by SCAA

Important Formulas for Stats by Rishita Kar

F-Table – this handout was not created by SCAA

T-Test Table – this handout was not created by SCAA

Using the Standard Normal Table by Jianru Shi


Graphing Calculator Cheat Sheet by Erica Yang


Writing Process:

Prewriting Exercises by Brandon Everett

Developing a Paragraph by Gabrielle Brown Wing

Revising Your Draft by Brandon Everett

Short Guide to Editing and Proofreading by Abigail Villa

Writing for Different Genres:

Argumentative Essay by Chris Kildegaard (revised by Brandon Everett)

Expository Essay by Brandon Everett

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: General Overview by Brandon Everett

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Ethos, Pathos, Logos by Brandon Everett

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Thesis Statements by Brandon Everett

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Formatting by Brandon Everett

Lab Reports by Gabrielle Brown Wing

Working with Social Sciences by Valerie Viray

Argumentative vs Exploratory Essays by Alyssa Acosta

Types of Writing Assignments by Chris Kildegaard

Grammar and Style:

Articles by Yana Huo

Basic Verbs Handout by Yana Huo

Run ons Comma Splices and Fragments by Chris Kildegaard

When to use Periods and Commas by Chris Kildegaard

Transition Words and Phrases by Brandon Everett

Modifiers Handout by Lovelyn George

Transitions/Phrasal Transitions by Chris Kildegaard

The SMART Alex Feature to Possessives by Allen Jang

Subject Verb Agreement by Lovelyn George

Active Voice by Daniel Chagoya

Logical Fallacies by Emily Warner

Paraphrasing by Heran Zhang

Rhetorical Devices by Joumana Chamali

Formatting and Citations:

APA Citations by Chris Kildegaard

Chicago Style by Chris Kildeaard

Citing Electronic Resources by Julian Medina

MLA by Daniel Chagoya

Organization and Structure:

Shape of an Essay by Luis DeGuzman

Interactive Argument Handout by Ty Davidson


First-Tier Portfolio Contents

Writing the Introduction Essay for Writing Proficiency Courses in English 3000 and English 3001

WST FAQ by June Barber and Sally Baxter


Improving Your Confidence as a Writer by Chris Kildegaard

Close Reading Strategies by Dale Bass

In Class Writing by Daniel Chagoya

The SMART Alex Feature to Microsoft Word by Allen Jang



Functional Groups by Julio Torres

Gas Laws Overview by Julio Torres

Nomenclature for Inorganic Compounds by Binh Cao

Nomenclature of Inorganic Covalent Compounds by Julio Torres

Reactions of Alcohols by Mohammad Heidarian


Basic Units of Proteins by Jostna Ransing

Blood by Caitlin King

Cnidarian by Ankush Kalia

Eukaryotic Cell Structure by Caitlin King

Punnett Squares by Caitlin King


Capacitance and Resistance by Binh Cao

Simple Harmonic Motion by Binh Cao