For Faculty

An essential component of SCAA’s mission is our relationship and work with faculty members. We firmly believe that SCAA programs work in concert with faculty members and their courses.  We have put together this guide for faculty members on how to best integrate our services into your curriculum.  This guide also contains sample syllabus language.

Additionally, the SCAA currently offers 3 different services to faculty members:

  • Proof of Visit Form: Often, faculty members will request that students verify their visit to the SCAA and use of our services. A “Proof of Visit” form is available for students who successfully schedule and complete a tutoring session for this purpose.
  • Nominations for Tutors: Each semester, the SCAA hires math, writing, and statistics tutors as well as Writing Associates (WAs) and Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders. If would like to nominate a student who exhibits a passion for helping fellow students and a strong grasp of course content to be a SCAA tutor, please fill out the Tutor/SI Leader Candidate Recommendation form.
  • Ambassadors and In-Class Presentations: A vast majority of students find out about the SCAA through a professor or a course. Accordingly, we offer two types of in-class appearances that can encourage your students to come to the SCAA:
    • An Ambassador Appearance (5-10 minutes): This is a quick, 5-10 minute appearance of the SCAA tutor, SI Leader, or receptionist who will introduce themselves to your class, describe the role they take at the SCAA, and offer their personal experiences working at the SCAA. The Ambassador is a great way for our students to meet a SCAA tutor, SI Leader, or receptionist and see them as peers to demystify the experience at SCAA. Students will receive literature containing information about the SCAA.
    • A SCAA Services Overview and Presentation (30 minutes): This is a thorough overview of SCAA’s services conducted by the SCAA Director and other administrative staff members. This presentation will go in detail about all of SCAA’s program offerings. Students may ask questions about each of the services. Students will receive literature containing information about the SCAA.

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