WST Preparation Programs

Note: Due to the semester conversion, the following information has changed on the Online WST Workshop – English 3000 and 3003 are now English 300 and English 302.

The SCAA offers 3 different opportunities to help you prepare for the Writing Skills Test (WST):

1The WST Boot Camp: In this invite only program, selected students will engage in a 2-day “boot camp” that offers writing strategies, a practice exam, a free analytical reading and, upon successful completion, a WST fee waiver.
2One-Time WST Workshops: This one-time workshop covers the content of the WST and writing strategies.  For a list of WST workshops, please click here.
3Online WST Workshop:  This is an online version of our one-time WST Workshops that covers the content of the WST and Writing Strategies.

Additional information:

If you have any questions, please contact the WST Preparation Workshops Coordinator, June Barber-Mertens at or call 510-885-4511.