OWL Testimonials

“Nothing, I think this was great. This is a great opportunity for students to get the help they need with a very friendly and efficient system.”

“I think that it is a great service and the tutor gave me great advise.”

“OWL is the best? Thank you very much!”

“Your service and coordination are very perfect! It is very detail oriented, kind, thoughtful, prompt, and helpful. I always learn new areas that I could possibly develop.”

“I have no suggestions at this time. I am so grateful for this support. As I am working to improve my writing, I would like to use this support again for my next paper. Thank you very much.”

“I do not have any suggestions. Submitting my paper was quick and easy and let me tell my tutor what in my paper to focus on . Her response was very detailed and gave me good insight on how to improve my paper.”

“I thought the service was great and will use it again. Thank you!!”