How to Get a Tutor

When you come to the SCAA you will meet a talented and capable staff of tutors and reception desk assistants who will do their best to help you succeed. The tutors primary job is to help you discover and develop strategies that will empower your own learning and enhance those skills you already possess. A SCAA tutor’s role is not to edit or proofread your papers, or do your math homework while you sit by and observe. Rather than just correcting your errors, the tutors will work together with you. A tutor’s goal is to help you become a self-empowered, independent, and successful student, a better editor, a more competent analyzer of math problems.

We train our tutors to work with students in their learning process. Since 2009, the SCAA tutor training program was certified by the College Reading and Learning Association. This certification assures that the components of the CSUEB SCAA tutor training course and workshops provide the tutoring staff with essential background information and pedagogical strategies to help assist our students.

The SCAA offers Peer Tutoring in Math, Writing, and Statistics.† This year, the SCAA will pilot a program to offer tutoring in Physics, Biology, and Chemistry through a “Science Table” – a table where groups of students may sit and ask tutors quick questions.†
Click here to see the Fall 2017 Science Table schedule.
Click here to see the Fall 2017 Statistics Table schedule.

In order to make tutoring appointments in Writing or Math, you may:
1Stop by the SCAA in person
2Telephone the SCAA at (510) 885-3674
3Use the TutorTrac program after the third week of the quarter to make your appointment online (NOT AVAILABLE DURING SUMMER QUARTER)

Types of Tutoring Appointments for Math, Writing, and Statistics



Sign-in at the SCAA Reception Desk and you can access a 30-minute session, no appointment necessary. During times of heavy student demand, Drop-In Tutoring may be limited or not available. Please arrive at least one half hour before the posted end of each day’s Drop-In schedule.



If you know you will need regular help throughout the quarter, sign up for a weekly standing appointment . We have a limited supply of this helpful service, so you must come to the SCAA and request a tutor during the first two weeks of the quarter and make sure you will be able to attend each hourly session (you may cancel or miss an appointment only once).



Call or stop by to schedule a one-hour appointment. You need to schedule an hourly appointment one week in advance.