If I have a student who seems to be missing some knowledge from a lower level or prerequisite course, can I send them to the SCAA to catch them up?
Yes. We help students wherever they are. The student would need some specific homework for us to engage with, but our tutors are trained to assess skill gaps and do their best to help the student fill those in.
I have a few students whose writing is not up to par, and I teach a heavy content. I don’t have the time to focus on that. Can I send them to the SCAA to fix their writing?
Yes, send your students to the SCAA, but we do not fix writing. We work with the students to help them develop confidence and self-reliance. We point out issues and give them the tools to continue to identify and fix those issues. This may take time.
Consider having writing tutors visit your class to assist with any stage of the writing process, or having a Writing Associate with you for a full semester, if you assign more writing. Writing Associates Page
Do the writing tutors help with grammar?
Yes. Our tutors will point out grammatical errors and explain concepts, but they do not edit for the student. Tutors also look at global issues, such as organization, analysis, and adherence to the prompt.
When is a good time for a student to get help with a writing assignment?
Our tutors can help with any stage of the writing process: gathering ideas, organizing thinking, writing a rough draft, or polishing a final draft. We recommend that students come in at least three to four days before a due date. Coming in the day before or the day of will not be nearly as productive.
Do you help students understand the assignment or prompt?
Yes, we do. See this article on prompts that students struggle with and how to avoid that: Assignments from H*ll
I have a student telling me that the writing tutor told her/him the paper was complete, while I did not give the highest grade. How should I address this?
Our tutors never assess writing or predict grades. If they review a rubric, they may comment that the elements seem to be covered, but to what degree is always determined by the professor. You could remind the student of that. The SCAA does not give grades or interfere with a professor’s assessments in any way.