Tatiana Jenkins

Hometown: Vallejo, CA
Language(s) Spoken: Russian
Role(s):  Science Tutors
Major: Cell and Molecular Biology
Courses Tutored: Biol 100, Biol 101, Biol 140A, Biol 140B, Biol 270/1, Biol 310, Biol 315, Biol 450, Chem 100, Chem 111, Chem 112, Chem 161, Chem 230, Chem 233

Tatiana is a Biology tutor at CSUEB. She became interested in tutoring while working on her undergraduate in Cell and Molecular Biology and helping her fellow classmates to understand the subjects better. Tatiana originally from Russia where she went to Medical School. She is on her way to become a doctor in the US now. Science and medicine are her most favorite fields.