Caitlin King

Hometown: Dublin, CA
Language(s) Spoken: Basic French and Japanese
Role(s):  Administrators
Major: Biology
Courses Tutored: BIOL 100, BIOL 101, BIOL 140A, BIOL 140B, BIOL 270/1, BIOL 310, BIOL 450, Chem 100, Chem 110, Chem 111, Chem 112, Chem 331, Chem 332, Math 115, Math 118, Stats 100

Caitlin is a graduate student working towards a Master’s degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Cellular and Molecular Biology and a certification in Biotechnology. When she is not working in the labs or in a class, she enjoys playing video games, watching crime dramas, reading any book she can get her hands on, and dabbling in writing her own short stories. She enjoys making science fun and easy to understand and looks forward to helping anyone that comes to her.