About Us

Since 2001, the California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) Student Center for Academic Achievement (SCAA) has provided content tutoring for writing across the curriculum, all math and statistics courses, and selected science courses.  Additionally, the SCAA offers academic support through new and innovative programs such as the Writing Associates and Supplemental Instruction (SI).

The mission and objective of the SCAA is three-fold:

  • to help CSUEB students develop and improve their skills and abilities in order to meet the demands of college level coursework;
  • to assist CSUEB students in achieving and maintaining academic excellence;
  • and to support CSUEB students in accomplishing their academic and career goals and graduate as self-directed life-long learners.

The SCAA accomplishes its mission and objectives by providing students with high quality tutoring and academic support, providing faculty with a resource for students who need additional help, and providing the university with an intellectual hub offering innovative programming that reflects our values.